Strategic Consulting

Consultancy is the leading service in our business value chain. The strategic consultancy and business consultancy service help the Group to identify the business essentials and real demands of our customers to effectively improve the professional service and achieve the business goal of common growth with our customers. Our IT consultancy focuses on helping the customers achieve greater value from the interaction between business drivers and IT demands. The Company's consultancy products and services are based on strict and proven methods and frameworks. In terms of business processes, technology and outsourcing, the Company makes adequate research and evaluation into the existing environment, identifies the optimal opportunity and provides the customers with strategic development roadmap featuring cost savings and productivity improvement.

In the sectors of finance, telecommunication, transportation, energy and others, the Company has built up a professional consultant team over time. The majority of the team members have 10+ years of experience in these sectors and a wealth of know-hows in application of IT technologies.

Software Platform Services

As a leading application provider in China, the Company has been committed to the R&D of platform and middleware products. These products are used both in intra-company solutions and project deliverables and for sales outside the Company. As the industry/user integration platform and development platform, our products enable connection between solutions from different suppliers.

The Company now owns the Ark big data middleware platform, the Toplink/FlowPower series platform products with completely independent intellectual property rights. These products are widely used in the industry solutions and projects, greatly increasing the system integration, stability and efficiency, as well as improving user viscosity.

Data Analysis Services

The Company’s data services can provide enterprises with end-to-end data technology and big data innovation services in the aspects of data strategy consultancy, data platform, data management, data analysis, etc., covering consultancy, implementation, development and other processes. Thanks to advanced software platform, cross-sector in-depth business expertise, proven consultancy and implementation methodology, efficient business and technical training system, rich project experience and high degree of customer acceptance, the team takes the leading position in the big data service market of financial regulators, industry regulators, banking, insurance, securities, transportation, logistics and other areas.

CSI data services team focuses on R&D of big data applications and technical solutions for domestic enterprises. Using years of construction experiences on industry and enterprise projects to help the customers plan and design optimized big data structures, the data integration, sharing and disclosure can be achieved in a methodical way so as to enhance fine management, strengthen the operational risk management and control, and facilitate the industry, enterprises and financial institutions to achieve the business transformation and upgrading.

Software Product Engineering

The Company provides engineering services to enterprises specializing in development of technical products. Our major customers include independent software suppliers, telecom equipment developers, game developers and Internet companies. The quick delivery of the Company helps the customers speed up the product development, reduce the development costs, and obtain advantages in early time-to-market.

The products developed by us include operating systems, databases, middleware, network protocols, speech recognition and human-machine interfaces, value-added telecom applications and other software products, in addition to specialized services including product design, development, quality assurance and testing.

Application development and management

The Company provides customer-specific application development, system maintenance, system function optimization and other application development and management services to industrial customers. The application development and management services are designed to help the customers achieve scientific management of the IT outsourcing costs and thus allow the customers to focus more on building its core competencies.

The Company has a team specializing in structured application development and management services, which has rich experiences in application environment such as mainframe, customers’ servers, Internet and mobile Internet, supporting Windows, Linux/Unix and Android, IOS and other platforms and operating system. The Company can deliver services at our delivery center or at the premises of the customers and guarantee the customers with fast and efficient application development and management services.
For different technical fields, we set up the corresponding teams to provide the commoditized services which offer the users efficient, high-quality services.

Business process outsourcing

Currently, many enterprises outsource repetitive non-core business processes, or even core business processes, to outside suppliers to reduce costs while improving the service quality. Business process outsourcing has become an industrial trend.

In Japanese, European and Greater China markets, the Company provide multi-lingual BPO, EPO and KPO services for customers in terms of financial, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, transportation, logistics, and other fields. The services mainly include background transaction processing, shared service centers, data processing, desktop publishing (DTP), CAD drawing, call center, business intelligence and data mining.

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